Amanda and Amy are Certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. They are trained to offer educational and emotional support to moms prenatally and after birth.


Amanda has a 7-year-old daughter. She is passionate about helping mothers meet personal goals and the health benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother.

Amy has a toddler who is currently still nursing. Amy and Piper had hardships such as NG feeding tube, exclusive pumping for 1 month, and reintroducing the nipple. She is very passionate about helping other mothers have a positive breastfeeding experience.

"I look forward to offering you any support possible, email me at anytime, we can set up a phone, or office counseling session. You are doing a great job Momma! I am so proud of you."

Meet Our Loving Staff:




Ashley is our childcare professional for date night.

She has 4 years experience in at a daycare and a year as a nanny. She has worked with Alzheimer and dementia patients at St. Mary's Memory Care. She has attended early childhood development classes at Athens Tech.

"I am the 2nd oldest of 10 siblings. That in its self should tell you everything. Being apart of a huge family is the reason taking care, teaching and comforting children comes naturally to me."

"I am looking forward to helping new moms, moms to be, or moms who just need support. My passion in life is to become a doctor and help those who cant. 'We are all Gods children and through him anything is possible.' "